How Was Your Weekend? 

Kat Gordon, founder of the 3% Movement, was experiencing in real time an emotionally wrenching Twitter thread from Nicole Sanchez of Vaya Consulting about leadership in a time of political unrest. She wanted to share Nicole’s message at the 2018 3% Conference and figured a short film would be the most powerful way to do it.

Kat understood that original music was absolutely necessary to enhance the story and add maximum emotional impact (a bed of library music just wasn’t going to cut it). So she reached out to me to compose the score.

Please watch and feel free to share.



3% Conference 2018
Sponsor Thank You

I’ve been involved with the 3% Movement since Kat Gordon reached out to me seven years ago because she wanted a woman composer to score the first 3% sizzle reel. Much like advertising creative directors at the time, barely 3% of commercial composers were women. That’s still the case today. (People just don’t think of women as composers, for some reason.) 

Of course, I was thrilled to help Kat with these projects as a labor of love, and I’ve been passionate about helping the 3% ever since. For the 2018 conference, I once again scored the Sponsor Thank You video. Listen to my upbeat music as you peruse the logos of the Conference sponsors.